Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Continue Their Friendship


Two blondes broke bread and became friends last week over a shared appreciation of kangaroos: Congratulations to Blake Lively for accepting a co-starring role in Taylor Swift’s life. As is customary, the pair have taken the next step in their friendship by performing an exchange of baked goods. Lively, in honor of Swift’s 26th birthday, sent her new pal a traditional birthday pie.

There sure is a lot going on with this pie. It’s pumpkin. It’s a “Thanksgiving Birthday” pie, whatever that is. It has two cats on it. One of those cats’ heads is very big. Those cats appear to be sitting on a plate of some sort. Did she make this pie? Probably not.

Blake wins at birthday pies. @blakelively I honestly can't stop laughing rn

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Anyway, hope these two are having a good time being friends.

Taylor Swift, Blake Lively Continue Friendship