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Let’s Play a Game: Suburban American Normcore Family or a Bunch of British Royals?

Connecticut. Photo: Getty Images/Kensington Palace

Big news: The British royal family finally unveiled their holiday card today. Even bigger news: It was taken during the fall, I guess? Even bigger, bigger news: It looks like America is the more boss place after all because boy do these people look like much of my Facebook time line.

Here’s a fun game: Can you spot the elements of this holiday card that look reminiscent of that family you know who live right outside Providence and are always talking about sailing? Leaves on the ground, casual khakis, a mother who is burdened by keeping both children within the frame while a father looks on with an absent loving stare? A baby’s shoe has fallen off, everyone is wearing a collared shirt, there appears to be some sort of terrace behind them.

Happy holidays to us from them, the British royal family.

Suburban American Nuclear Family or Some Royals?