Imagine How Healthy You’d Be If You Loved Green Juice Enough to Serve It at Your Wedding

Who needs cake?
Who needs cake? Photo: courtesy of Jessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel is a nutritionist and a wellness writer who published a book called The Healthy Life. She is also a newlywed. Want to know how those two things intersect? Would it surprise you to hear that Sepel served clean foods and green juice at her four-day wedding retreat in lieu of a wedding cake? Mazel tov, she did. Congratulations to the happy couple and their lifestyle, which is better than ours.

Sepel married her partner, Dean Feingold, in a beautiful wedding in Thailand on Sunday. While weddings are usually occasions to let one’s hair down, eat crap, drink barrels of liquor, and take home the bride’s cute cousin, Sepel is better and more dedicated to her health than we are. She told the Daily Mail Australia, “We wanted a healthy wedding because both Dean and I are committed to a healthy lifestyle … it was important that our wedding reflected this aspect of our lives.” She continued, “We also wanted everyone to feel great — something that is easy to do if you’re eating the right foods.” This entailed no wedding cake and instead, an array of healthy foods: Thai green papaya salad, roasted Brussels sprouts, grilled local white snow fish, and fresh fruit. 

In the morning, guests were treated to green juices and health boosters, and everyone was invited to do beachside yoga. Guests were given fresh coconuts to hydrate. Good for them, I’m sure they were very hydrated!!!!!

Jessica Sepel’s brand is unbreakable and for that we must respect her.

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