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Someone With Excellent Taste Robbed the Goop Pop-up Shop

Photo: Jenny Anderson/WireImage

Ring the alarm! There’s been a robbery at the Goopery!

According to People, three men entered the brick-and-mortar Goop Mrkt in New York on Saturday and stole merchandise while the store was open and busy.

“There was an isolated incident Saturday afternoon involving a very limited number of items, which was reported to the NYPD, while the store was crowded during one of our busiest days, thankfully the NYPD responded quickly, our customers and staff are safe, and we remain open for business with proper security precautions in place,” a Goop spokesperson said in a statement that expressed total loving acceptance for the unconscious uncoupling that occurred between the store and its merchandise. 

While the company did not reveal exactly what was stolen, police reported that it was approximately $173,465-worth of merchandise, like two of those Valentino-designed Wonder Woman–themed outfits, or one item from the Goop Gift Guide.

There’s Been a Robbery at the Goop Pop-up Shop