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U.S. Treasury: It’s Too Hard to Choose a Woman for the $10 Bill

Photo-Illustration: Getty Images

The U.S. Treasury has run into trouble with that #TheNew10 campaign soliciting ideas for women to put on the revamped $10 bill: Thanks to an overwhelming number of stellar suggestions, they say they can’t decide who deserves the spot. As a result, they’re kindly asking for more time (until “sometime in 2016”) before revealing their choice, said Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew in a statement.

As a result of the tremendous amount of engagement, we have many more ideas than we had originally anticipated.  Therefore, we are taking additional time to carefully review and consider a range of options to honor the theme of democracy as well as the notable contributions women have made to our country.

Man, there are too many women to pick just one! And the dog ate their homework! And the bus was late! Seriously, guys, just put Oprah on the thing and let’s be done with it.

It’s Too Hard to Choose a Woman for the $10 Bill