damn eric clapton got owned

Two Chicks Owned Eric Clapton So Hard

This guy got owned!
This guy got owned! Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Owning a celebrity who declared his support for Enoch Powell onstage in 1976 is every girl’s dream. In a perfect world we would all get to do it, but, if it turns out this world is not perfect, at least we have these two women to live through vicariously.

According to “Page Six,” Eric Clapton recently made an appearance at Chelsea club the Leonora. After word spread throughout the club that Clapton was there, hanging out among the NYC clubgoers, relaxing and chilling as if he didn’t reaffirm his support for Enoch Powell in a 2007 interview, Clapton made his way toward the exit. Bye, Eric Clapton.

Before he got out, however, two women — “model types,” allegedly — stopped him while “squealing with excitement” and asked for a picture. From the “Page Six” witnesses:

“They handed the camera to Eric Clapton and leaned in to pose with his friend,” said one spy. Another witness quipped, “They thought the friend was Eric Clapton. They were young and didn’t know what [Clapton] looked like but were excited because they thought they knew who he was.”

Oh shit, Eric Clapton — looks like you just got owned! A round of applause for these incredible ladies, and, of course, for Eric Clapton — such a good sport who has never disavowed his support for Enoch Powell but who has learned to at least keep other opinions under his hat.