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Would You Put a Little Speaker in Your Vagina (for Your Baby)?

“I love this song!” —Your Baby Photo: Mediscan/Corbis

Here’s a good question: Would you put a little tampon-style speaker in your vagina? What if I told you — you’re pregnant in this scenario — that, with the tampon-style speaker inserted into your vagina, your in-womb baby could listen to something like, ah, I don’t know, Dead Kennedys? The baby would learn to dislike California governor Jerry Brown in an outdated way, but at least he or she would come out with a healthy dislike of corporations and fascists. Hmm. Something to think about. Anyway, check out this speaker tampon.

The little speaker tampon is called “Babypod” and it’s shown in action, sort of, in a new video from the gynecology clinic Institut Marquès in Barcelona. In the video, singer Soraya performs a set of Christmas carols for expecting mothers (equipped with Babypods) and their unborn babies. “This is the first concert for fetuses ever held in the world” the video boasts multiple times, even though I highly doubt they did much research before making this claim.

The Babypod came about after a Spanish study proved fetuses are able to detect sound once they reach between 18 and 26 weeks. The fetuses apparently even sometimes move their mouths and tongues in response to the sound, which seems odd to me. Huh.

The Babypod is reportedly set at a rather quiet volume of 54 decibels, and it’s allegedly good for the fetus because of something about brain development on which experts don’t really agree

So there you have it. Vaginal speaker — for your baby.

Would You Put a Little Speaker in Your Vagina?