the future is feline

Bionic Cat Teeters Across Vet Exam Room and Into Our Hearts

When Cindy Jones found Vincent at an Iowa animal shelter, he was missing half of his back tibias, or shin bones. Enamored, she took the kitten in. A veterinary orthopedic surgeon at Iowa State Veterinary Medical Center (where Jones’s daughter is a student) first tried treating Vincent with physical therapy and a tiny cart but realized that “endoprosthetics” were his best chance at normal life.

Now, the 3-year-old shorthair has titanium-alloy hind legs attached directly to his femurs; they’ll eventually be lengthened to the size of an average cat’s legs. He’s one of a few animals in the world with prosthetics, and doctors hope the expensive experimental treatment will be more practical one day. In the meantime, Vincent is helping us prepare for a future where we will all be — and love — cyborgs.

Bionic Cat Teeters Into Our Hearts