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Clothes Will Be Much More Expensive in the Future

Want to buy pieces from the wardrobes of figures as far-flung as Vivienne Westwood, Julian Assange, and artist Aurel Schmidt? Each member of the trio, along with an eclectic group of artists, actors, and musicians, will be consigning five items from their personal troves tonight at the Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea, as part of an auction event called Five Easy Pieces, put on by Hasbeens & Willbees in collaboration with Mount Gay Rum. (You can get a preview of what’s going on the block here.) Above, watch Dame Viv — who’s contributing an anti-fracking dress to the event — explain why clothing will be more expensive in the future, and why it’s not too late for the fashion world to get involved in the global climate-change movement.

Clothes Will Be More Expensive in the Future