World’s Bravest Men Afraid of PMS

Careful, PMS might be hiding in the brush
Careful, PMS might be hiding in the brush Photo: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

A recent survey administered to troops in the Special Operations Command sought to suss out attitudes about the current effort to integrate women into the elite echelons of the U.S. military. It did … not go well.

According to the Washington Post, “The survey found that 85 percent of those surveyed in U.S. Special Operations Command opposed letting women into their jobs, and 71 percent opposed letting women into their unit.” Thanks, guys! Worse than that, however, were some of the opinions troops gave about PMS.

Here is some feedback given during the survey, provided by the Post:

“I think PMS is terrible, possibly the worst. I cannot stand my wife for about a week out of the month for every month. I like that I can come to work and not have to deal with that.” — an enlisted petty officer first class serving as a special warfare combatant craft crewmen in Naval Special Warfare Command

“I have a wife. She’s very independent. But when that time of her month comes, she’s weaker.” — A Navy SEAL who is a petty officer second class

“Acting on emotions may be a problem. Judgment may be altered. The effects of combat may have a different impact during those times, I’m not sure.” — a high-ranking “E-8″ enlisted member of Air Force Special Operations Command

PMS: Officially scarier than war.