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5 Workout Moves You Can Do on the Treadmill

Anna Kaiser, Shakira's trainer, wants you to use the treadmill differently.
Anna Kaiser, Shakira’s trainer, wants you to use the treadmill differently.

Do you hate running? Are you sick of feeling like a gerbil on the treadmill? If so, this next workout is for you. Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser of AKT in Motion (who chisels the abs of Kelly Ripa and Shakira) helped us create a short workout you can do that doesn’t involve pounding the polyurethane treadmill pavement. Kaiser developed this low-impact workout for traveling clients who needed a routine they could do in hotel gyms or while on the road.

Chest pulls are not fun.

Move 1: Start with chest pulls. Position yourself under the treadmill (note: it should be off), facing up with your knees bent and hands gripping the sides. How to tell if you’re doing this wrong? You’ll slip off the treadmill, because you’ll be using your legs and not your arms to pull yourself up. Do for ten reps (or as many as you are able to do), for three rounds.

Tuck it in.

Move 2: Try out these ab tucks. Stand on the treadmill (still in the off position) and rest your weight on the sides of the treadmill. Being careful not to let your shoulders creep up, bring your legs up to crunch your abs. Make sure you use your abs to crunch, and not the momentum from your legs. Do a set of ten and repeat three times.

At least you’re not running.

Move 3: Now turn the treadmill on, with about a 5.0 or 5.5 speed. Stand sideways, shuffle, and click your heels after about every two to three shuffles. Do this for about 30 seconds. Also, keep in mind that any weird looks you get as you do this workout only make you stronger (literally).

Do the grapevine.

Move 4: With the treadmill still on, do a sideways grapevine on the treadmill for another 30 seconds.

Your treadmill is now a mountain.

Move 5: Turn the treadmill off, and put your hands above the treadmill belt. Now do mountain climbers, letting your legs move the belt. Be careful to lengthen your spine and keep your shoulders over your wrists and your butt down. Do this for about two minutes.