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Ariana Grande Has a New Gender-Neutral Perfume Named After Her Brother

Sibling love.
Sibling love.

Ariana Grande now has a second fragrance, “Frankie,” named after her older brother, star of reality series Big Brother 16 . The two created a scent that is gender-neutral, reported the International Business Times.

Grande released her first scent, ARI, in September, which has hints of fruit and floral scents and marshmallow. Her brother, Frankie tweeted out the news about the siblings’ new fragrance, saying that the fragrance is “meant to be worn by all.”

Just five days after his first announcement, Frankie tweeted that the scent was all sold out. But never fear; it’s already back in stock.

The new scent is on sale in a 50 ml bottle at Ulta for $49. And the bottle itself shows an obvious effort to be gender-neutral; it comes in a geometric shape and has combined fragrances of “pink pepper, apricot, wild orchard, cedarwood and musk.” No overwhelming scents of vanilla-lily-rose (insert intensely fragrant flower here).

“Frankie” will be on sale for a limited time, if you want to join the effort to escape the color-coded, gendered aspects that accompany every single holiday. Perfume for everyone!

Ariana Grande Has a New Gender-Neutral Perfume