Beyoncé Makes New Donation to Her Favorite Charity, Coldplay

Interesting video theme choice, Bey.
Interesting video theme choice, Bey.

Our Lord and Savior Beyoncé is benevolent and generous. Recently she’s made a string of new donations to her favorite charity of choice, the band Coldplay, such as offering to make their Super Bowl Halftime Show appearance slightly more tolerable with her mere presence. Now, she’s made another generous contribution to the band’s reputation coffer with her appearance in their new video, “Hymn for the Weekend.”

The video has a Bollywood theme that screams cultural appropriation, so either Beyoncé is so evolved she has reached the final plateau of adoration — being able to do whatever she wants without causing offense — or a lot of people on Twitter are about to be very pissed.

Beyoncé Donates to New Charity: Coldplay