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Catcalling From a Garbage Truck: A Love Story

“Hey!” Photo:

They say there’s someone out there for everyone. One special person who, from the moment you first meet, you know for sure is “the one” for you — your special little love. For Delaware’s Amy Ambrosino, that moment came when a man shouted “hey” at her from a garbage truck.

A detailed account of Amy Ambrosino and Chris Miko’s incredible love story was published today in the Delaware News Journal, and we encourage you to read all of it and do your best to take with you its lessons in life and romance.

“Get the object of your desire’s attention in a fun, unique way.”

She had just run out to her car when she heard someone yell “hey” at her from the back of the garbage truck. Chris may or may not have added “hot stuff.” She wheeled around to see who it was and thought, “Eww, what a jerk!”

“When you meet your special someone for the very first time in your life, make an impression.”

Chris started chatting with Lily and then he turned to Amy and demanded to know, “Why does every girl wear those Ugg boots? They’re hideous.” Then he started harassing her about everything she was wearing, even following her into another room and banging on drums while she was trying to make a call. Lily and Amy left, and Chris headed out with Jason to see if they could get into the car.

“Don’t give up, even if it takes measures that seem intensely unappealing.”

Within moments, Chris texted Lily begging for Amy’s number. He had been impressed that she handled his harassment. “No way,” Amy told Lily. But Chris persisted and Lily finally gave him the number. He started texting Amy, turning on the charm. It took hours of endless texting but Amy finally agreed to a date.

“Pick a good movie to see on the first date.”

A few days later, Chris showed up at Amy’s doorstep with roses and took her to see “Fired Up” at Movies 10 in Stanton.

And so on. Above all, please remember: Love will find you when you are ready to accept it and in catcalling proximity of a garbage truck.