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Celebrity Gym Selfies Are Really Distracting Me From Important Photos of Cookie Cakes

Same. Photo: adele/Instagram

Did you know celebrities dedicate whole hours of their days to fitness, because they are virtuous superhumans and also because their contracts require it? Now, feeling relaxed from their beach holidays and with New Year’s resolutions fresh on their minds, the celebrity gym selfies have multiplied, and honestly it’s kind of getting in the way of my Instagram’s normal feed content: photos of cookie cakes.

We start with Khloé, who honestly should just change her name to the arm-muscle emoji.

While you were nursing a Champagne hangover, Hugh Jackman was bragging about being at the gym.

Here, we have a photo of Bella Thorne pretending she indulged in too many Christmas cookies. Acting!

Honestly, Kourt, I’d go to the gym every day, too, if I had one in my house.

Or if my gym were the beach.

Cute pic of me doing #BBG.

Will not be getting into a fight with Ellie Goulding anytime soon.

At least we have Adele to illustrate the true nature of exercise.

Celeb Gym Selfies Distracting Me From Food Pics