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The Netflix Workout

Have you heard? There’s a potentially terrifying storm coming New York’s way and it’s the fourth Jonas brother. You could be trapped inside your house for hours, days, even weeks, so the Cut worked with Kelly Ripa’s trainer, Anna Kaiser of AKT in Motion, to devise a short workout you can try if you’re getting antsy. These exercises were designed to be done without really needing to take your eyes off the TV, so consider them to be a Netflix and not-very-chill workout for the next few snowy days.

Move 1: Kaiser calls this move the Step It Up, and it’s designed to work your inner-thigh glute. Keep your elbows slightly bent, with your foot turned out to engage the inner thigh, as you lift and lower. The hamstring of the bent leg should also be engaged.

Do 30 reps on one side and then alternate legs.

Move 2: For the Blades of Glory move, lie down and then bend each knee to come up into a crunch. Be careful to keep your spine straight and your chin tucked, and to not sink into your lower back. Alternate legs each time, and do 30 reps.

Move 3: The Cleopatra move looks deceptively easy but if it’s too easy, you’re doing it wrong. Lie facing forward and don’t slack on the glutes — keep them engaged and clenched. With your fingertips facing forward, bend your elbows, being sure to keep them pointed in. This move works out your shoulder and arms. You can also obviously do push-ups or planks.

Move 4: The River Dance move is an upgraded take on the tricep dip. Keep your fingertips facing forward as you dip your triceps and kick out each time. If you’re doing it correctly, this should have you sweating.

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