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Dry Shampoo Could Be Terrible for Your Hair

The Beatles tune “With a Little Help From My Friends” should really be titled “With a Little Help From Mounds and Mounds of Dry Shampoo.” Because on the days that a thorough hair wash just won’t do, or you just can’t strip down for a shower when your weather app says “feels like 10 degrees,” dry shampoo is there. Except, Refinery29 reported, when it’s possibly very bad for your hair.

Dry shampoo, it turns out, might “temporarily dull” your hair color. And neglecting to wash your hair for several days can cause excess scalp build-up. When you put real-life soap on your head, you also get rid of all the stuff you don’t need hanging around on your scalp.

An expert told Refinery29 that your scalp is thicker than the bottom of your heel. Think of wintertime when your feet get gross and scaly. What would happen if you didn’t wash that? Right. Bad visual. Wash your scalp.

There aren’t many great alternatives to, you know, just getting in the shower and physically scrubbing your hair, but there are some that are better than others. This dry shampoo, Living Proof, designed by MIT technicians, supposedly cleans your hair for real — no faking.

In the end, dry shampoo is still your best friend. Just let it rest every once in a while and swap it out for the real stuff.

Dry Shampoo Might Be Bad for Your Hair