Planned Parenthood Attack Video Backfires Spectacularly

Sorry Daleiden, ya burnt.
Sorry Daleiden, ya burnt. Photo: Jeremy Breningstall/Zuma Wire via Corbis

Gather around, folks, for we are about to witness something so rare and beautiful it may only occur once in your lifetime: a perfect own, orchestrated by our very own legal system.

You may remember that several states had launched investigations into Planned Parenthood’s practices after video surfaced over the summer claiming that the health organization sells the body parts of aborted fetuses. This, of course, was not and is not true, and was soon revealed to be a bad-faith attempt by an anti-abortion group to use the gross-out factor of medical procedure to convince people Planned Parenthood was trafficking in baby parts.

None of the states who used this chance to again attack Planned Parenthood have been able to find any wrongdoing. But Texas found something. What did Texas find?

Say it with me now, everybody: OWNED.

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