Michelle Obama Used Some Surprisingly Uncool Slang

“Bye, Felicia” :( Photo: Drew Angerer/Bloomberg Finance LP/Getty Images

In her two terms as FLOTUS, Michelle Obama has almost never done anything lame. She dances. She dresses well. Her arms make Angela Bassett’s look like wet noodles. She listens to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, for Christ’s sake. She’s a cool mom, and not ironically.

So it’s painful to point out this rare gaffe, but here we go. While discussing letting go of your children when they head to college on daytime talk show The Real, Michelle Obama said this:

Look, when they get to be 17, you’ll be like, “Bye, Felicia.”

Good parenting advice? Totally. Did she get some laughs? The video says yes. But did she use “Bye, Felicia” — a slang term which no longer has a place in our vernacular after Straight Outta Compton — like she’s somebody’s “ohmigodmooooom” instead of our evolved FLOTUS Mom? Sadly, she did. Since she’s a first-time offender, we’ll let this slide without rolling our eyes. Better to leave that to Sasha or Malia.

FLOTUS Used Some Surprisingly Uncool Slang