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George Takei Gets Being Single on Valentine’s Day and Can Write a Mean Pun

Valentine’s Day is nearly two weeks away, and George Takei took to Instagram to say he understands single folks’ stress. Takei posted a picture of a milk carton with a February 14 expiration date. With the caption, “That moment you realize that your milk has a Valentines date and you don’t,” the actor added his own beautiful pun: “Makes one’s heart break in half and half,” he wrote. Heh, heh.

Although Takei has been married to husband Brad Altman since 2008, it’s nice to know he empathizes with the single life this time of year.

On another note, February 14 is also the closing date of Takei’s Broadway show, Allegiance. Plays are ending, milk is expiring and Valentine’s Day is coming, people. It’s coming.

George Takei Gets the Single Life