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Gigi Hadid Hasn’t Finished Making a Murderer Yet, But She Agrees With You, and She Wants to Talk

Gigi Hadid has some thoughts about <em>Making a Murderer</em>.
Gigi Hadid has some thoughts about Making a Murderer. Photo: Splash News/Corbis

Like you, model and Zayn’s alleged girlfriend Gigi Hadid is fired up about Netflix’s true-crime series Making a Murderer. Unlike you, she has an audience of more than a million Twitter followers to listen to her thoughts about it. (You just have your group text, your boyfriend, your dog, your co-workers, the unfeeling walls of your empty apartment.) She took advantage of this opportunity on Sunday morning.

Damn. I know, Gigi Hadid! It’s so fucked up!!!

Gigi Hadid also lent her support to Making a Murderer newcomer Kim Kardashian.

Good luck, Kim.

Gigi Hadid’s Making a Murderer Tweet-Storm