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8 Actually Good Things That Happened This Week


So you didn’t win the Powerball. At least it’s Friday! Here are eight more good things to cheer you up.

1. A hero teen with superhuman strength saved her family from a fire. Nineteen-year-old Charlotte Heffelmire successfully lifted a burning truck off of her dad, drove it out of the family’s garage, then evacuated her family to safety.

2. Your dream job was announced. Just quit your current gig and move to Virginia and snuggle baby goats. What, besides the very real need to make money so you can live, is even stopping you?

3. The world’s deadliest Ebola outbreak is over. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak officially over on Thursday, but added that “vigilance is need to prevent new outbreaks.”

4. A millionaire in Texas is housing tornado victims for $1 a month. Ron D. Sturgeon has opened up two of his mansions for temporary housing for those affected by the December tornado.

5. This dog learned to smile on command. Say cheese.

say cheese

Posted by Amanda Robles on Saturday, January 9, 2016

6. A 5-year-old boy saved his dad by riding his bike to get help after he had a heart attack. The boy was able to find a stranger in time who could alert the authorities, and his father is now recovering in the hospital.

7. Zulily told a customer to donate a coat she wanted to return instead of sending it back to them. A genius marketing ploy, sure, but also a pretty nice thing to do.

8. A koala proved it’s just as cute as a human baby. This is more sad-cute than happy-cute, but aww.

8 Truly Good Things That Happened This Week