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If You Want to Invest Your Money, Just Buy a Birkin Bag

Basically cash you can wear on your shoulder.
Basically cash you can wear on your shoulder.

No wonder Emily Gilmore got so excited when Rory got a Birkin bag from Logan — these things are a lot more than pretty totes. Baghunter, a luxury retail company, recently concluded in a study that the bags have increased in value at 14.2 percent a year, reported Teen Vogue.

Here’s what Baghunter compared in the study: the S&P 500, gold, and the coveted Birkin bag. The company measured over a period of 35 years and came to the conclusion that, well, Birkin wins. The bag has never shown a downward decrease in value, making it worth more than both gold and the S&P 500.

So, yeah, um, if you were hoping to inherit a large sum of gold in the future, it might just be best to grab a Birkin instead. To quote Emily Gilmore, “Well, well, well. A Birkin bag. A Birkin bag, a Birkin bag for Rory!” That’s right — a Birkin bag, or possibly the smartest investment ever; it goes by both names now.

Hermès Birkin Bags Are Worth More Than Gold