Teen Lifts Burning Truck Off Dad, Disproves Myth That Teens Are Useless

Hero teen.
Hero teen.

Much has been said about teens: They’re “self-involved,” “useless,” “mean,” and scare all the olds away by approaching like silent killers on magical “hoverboards.” But if one teen (a near-adult-age teen, mind you) has anything to do with it, the image of teen inadequacy will be replaced by one of heroism. Ever met a 19-year-old who saved her entire family from a freak-accident fire?

When Charlotte Heffelmire was home for the Thanksgiving holiday with her family in Vienna, Virginia, her father Eric was busy in their garage fixing his truck. Underneath the truck, a jack slipped and pinned her father beneath it, which then led to gas being ignited and lighting the truck on fire. Charlotte was right there to help her father in his time of need.

Thinking quickly, Charlotte not only lifted the truck off of her father, but drove it out of the garage, closed the garage to contain the burning flames, then went back into her home to bring the rest of her family to safety. When asked how she had the power and strength to do so much for her family, she told WUSA9, “I just did what I had to do, so I don’t feel like a big hero or anything.”

Hero Teen Saves Family From Freak Fire