onesie for the win

Jared Leto Wore a Tie-Dyed Onesie in the Desert, and It Doesn’t Even Matter Why

Jared Leto could be the new face of contented, sunbathed laziness. The Academy Award-winning actor posted a photo of himself in the desert, basking in a tie-dyed onesie for no apparent reason. But really, does he need one?

Leto’s caption, “Onesie with the universe” might just be the best pajama-based phrase ever and features the following hashtags: #deserteagle, #woosahhh, #wolfman, #tiedyesoldier.

And if one googles “Jared Leto in desert,” oh, there is so much to be found. There is a story about Leto wandering the desert in some yoga pants. And a tweet with a vegan plea for more tofu. Yet another of Leto bringing his desert-Burning Man style to the streets of Soho.

So, Jared Leto’s just doing his vegan, rainbow-onesie thing in the desert, and it really doesn’t matter why. He’s a #deserteagle who seems to be in touch with his soul — and some top-of-the-line sleepwear.

Jared Leto Wore a Tie-Dyed Onesie in the Desert