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Run a Man’s Email Through the Not Sorry Plug-In

Picture of me writing emails
Picture of me writing emails Photo: Hero Images/Corbis

Perhaps you’ve caught wind of the Just Not Sorry Google Chrome plug-in. Designed by Tami Reiss, CEO of Cyrus Innovation, Just Not Sorry highlights apologetic words like sorry and just in emails to teach women to stop “softening their speech.” With the help of little red squiggles beneath their words, female emailers will become more direct, truthful, and empowered.

We wondered, though: What would happen if a man’s emails were run through this plug-in? After all, men’s gendered speech patterns and behaviors tend not to receive such rigorous critical attention. Surely, this man’s email could use a little finessing as well?

Dear Female Boss,

I was reading today on the internet while I was supposed to be working that there is a new Google plug-in for women to stop saying “sorry.” They should make a plug-in for how many nachos I could house right now. 

Boom. UP TOP.

Oh and let’s meet tomorrow. I need a raise.

-A man

Apologetic words counted: zero. Nope, everything seems fine here.