porn Updates Its Model Bill of Rights Following James Deen Allegations

Deen. Photo: Hubert Boesl/Corbis

Well, here’s one okay thing to come out of the awful James Deen abuse scandal: has overhauled its rules to better underscore consent both on- and offstage. The changes come after Kink’s Armory was the setting for at least three of the allegations made against Deen.

The hard-core porn empire has rewritten its model bill of rights that every performer must sign to “emphasize consent, attempt to guard against potential abuses and encourage reporting of any violations of Kink’s guidelines,” according to Vocativ. One new rule reads, “I understand that no one has a right to my body besides me, on-set or off. No one has the right to physical contact with me, on set or off, without my consent.” spokesperson Michael Stabile told Vocativ that the company hopes to continuously update its rules to help further strengthen protections for models. “The James Deen allegations launched a period of really intense debate within the Armory about how this happened, and how it could have been prevented,” he said. “Because we come out of a BDSM tradition built on clear consent, and because we’ve always tried to lead the industry in regards to ethical sets and model rights, the stories really shook us. “ Updates Rules After Deen Allegations