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Ladies, Would You Go to Church If It Were Shaped Like a Shoe?

Are you there, God?
Are you there, God?

Churches come in all shapes and sizes, from the huge and ostentatious to the friendly and suburban. God once said something like, “It doesn’t matter where you praise me, just make sure you’re doing it a lot,” and behold, in our lifetime, a shoe-shaped church has emerged. The Daily Mail reports that an enormous glass structure shaped like a high heel will be built in Taiwan before the Chinese New Year as a way to draw in female worshipers. Ladies, tell me you don’t love this church. Wouldn’t it look so good with that strappy dress you’ve been meaning to break out?

The structure, which is made entirely of blue tinted glass (cute!!!), will stand 55 feet tall and 36 feet wide when it’s completed. A spokesman for the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, Zheng Rongfeng, explained that the church will have “chairs for lovers, maple leaves, biscuits, and cakes.” All this just for us women???

God really is great.

Ladies, Would You Go to a Shoe-Shaped Church?