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Man With Vacuum-Cleaner Crotch Tattoo Somehow Still Single

Majestic. Photo: Bodyshockers/Channel4

With his well-trimmed beard and steely gaze, 21-year-old Lewis Flint would be considered by many women to be a catch. That is, if he didn’t have that pesky vacuum-cleaner tattoo in the crotchal region.

The regrettable ink depicts the popular British vacuum cleaner Henry the Hoover, with Flint’s genitals in the place where the hose would be. He also got a black cord and plug tattooed on his backside, demonstrating an impressive attention to detail for a teen. But unfortunately for him, the days of thinking his joke tat is funny are long over for Flint, who says a girl recently dumped him because of it.

“When she saw it, She said, ‘What’s that? I am off!’” he told Channel 4. “I was gutted, I never thought I would regret my tattoo when I got it done.”

Flint tried to get it lasered off, but ultimately found the procedure too painful and couldn’t go through with it. Honestly, seems like a you problem, Lewis.

Man With Dumb Tattoo Somehow Still Single