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For Those Who Are Averse to Setting Goals, This List Is for You

Octavia Butler, queen of goals.
Octavia Butler, queen of goals. Photo: Malcolm Ali/Getty Images

Think back to the past, if you will, for just one freaking second: When someone uttered the word goals, it was usually your teacher, and you were being lectured about your failure to have any. Goals had nothing to do with your lack of squad or friendship or relationship.

Can you remember when “goals” was not preceded by a hashtag, or used as a handy Instagram caption joke? Can you remember what it felt like to once have goals, as in, “get out of this town and make something of myself”? Great, stay with me. 

Damn. That’s what a list of goals should look like. No, not #goals. Goals. So be it! See to it!

Averse to Setting Goals? This List Is for You