Orlando Bloom’s Head-Butting: Explained

Head-Butt Bloom.
Head-Butt Bloom. Photo: David X Prutting.com/BFA

Last week, we got word that Orlando Bloom, Florida’s perennial bloom and ex-husband of Miranda Kerr, had head-butted his head bloody on a Tulum New Year’s Eve dance floor. A man having fun. Case closed — or so one would think. You, however, demanded an explanation for this man’s good time, which is just so typical you, and you got one from an onlooker: “There was just a lot of head butting at this party among men, Orlando especially.” Okay. Case closed or so one would think.

You, however, still seem to be confused. “But does he head-butt all the time?” “Does he just head-butt while dancing?” “Why?” “Just in Tulum?” “Does he go to Tulum a lot?” “Is it okay to still go to Tulum even though celebs are always head-butting and taking their pants off, etc., there?” “Is it fun?” “Should I do it?” “Head-butting, I mean — going to Tulum is no doubt fun, no matter what people think?” “Is it a ‘man’ thing?” “Does it feel good?” Ugh, enough!

The sleuths at “Page Six” did some digging and found, in a 2006 behind-the-scenes Lord of the Rings video, the men of Lord of the Rings talking about head-butting.

Of head-butting on set, Viggo Mortensen says: “It went to such an extreme that it became a daily ritual.” Elijah Wood says, of head-butting: “I don’t know where that comes from. You know what, I think it’s spontaneous, violent love.” Mr. Head-Butt himself, the Bloom man, Head-Butt Bloom, says:

“It was a sort of, um, really ridiculous, fantastically foolish idea to walk up to one another, clasp the face of the opposite person, say something sweet and endearing and then smash your head against theirs.”

Okay????? Do get get it now????