the end of a trend

Man-Bun Meets Tragic, Gruesome End at Music Festival

Two different desires from two different groups of obnoxious people: DTF Coachella attendees just want to find a man with a topknot to bang, while Drone enthusiasts just want to attend a music festival without having to leave the couch or pay ticket fees. Nobody could foresee these dreams intersecting, and nobody could foresee the resulting tragedy if they did.

Nobody, of course, but Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen. Watch this sketch from tonight’s season-six premiere to find out what happens when a powerful drone meets a lush man-bun (if you can stomach it).

Portlandia is back, everyone. No topknot lover, drone user, music-festival attendee, or other intolerable person is safe from comic skewering.

The Man-Bun Meets Tragic End at Music Festival