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Pretty Girls Also Get Better Grades Because Life Is Unfair

Rory did not attend University of Phoenix.
Rory did not attend University of Phoenix. Photo: Getty Images

A new study by researchers at the Metropolitan State University of Denver has discovered a startling link between appearance and academic performance: Not only are pretty girls considered more trustworthymaking more money, and getting free snacks from the guy at the bodega, they also get better grades. Life is so unfair.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers compared students’ academic records with the rating others gave their student ID photos. They found that “the women judged as least attractive earned significantly lower grades,” according to NPR, and those considered beautiful got higher grades. Of course, male professors were found to be much more likely to academically reward women considered beautiful.

But pretty privilege at school only extends to courses you take in real life; the researchers found that appearance played no role in grades students received for online courses, where the student isn’t seen. Maybe tell your S.O.’s ex they should try University of Phoenix.

Pretty Girls Get Higher Grades and Life’s Unfair