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Rose Byrne, Playing the Ultimate Passive-Aggressive Housewife, Would Like You to Try ‘Carerobics’

Ladies, let me rap with you for a second (turns chair around to straddle it like A.C. Slater): Is your relationship a little wobbly? Does your boo/bae/boyf/man/legal partner do something that you simply do not like? Have you been meaning to tell him in a non-passive-aggressive way that also manages to inspire the fear of God in him? Amy (played by Rose Byrne) and her clueless husband, Craig (played by Damon Herriman), have just the relationship advice for you: exercise.

Amy is eager to tell you that “we’re going to be giving our relationships a workout” until, of course, she boils over in rage at the male inability to listen. The video, from new female-driven comedy site PYPO, is the first in a series of videos that will premiere exclusively on the Cut. Co-founded by Veep’s Emmy-winning producer Stephanie Laing, PYPO, which is an acronym for “Put Your Pretty On,” came from Laing’s 4-year-old daughter grabbing for some Chapstick before saying, “Wait, Mama. I have to put my pretty on.” Laing wrote in a Medium essay, “We’re taking back lady, bitch, girl, milf, sweetie, honey, and more, only to redefine them. We’ll update ‘having it all’ and show the world how we ‘put our pretty on.’ We have to help each other.”

Learn how to get your relationship in shape with “careobics” above, then check out PYPO on taking back the word bitch in “Bitch Gospel,” a spelling-bee crash course on female insults, and the “Sorry App,” which helps women stop apologizing.

Rose Byrne Would Like You to Try ‘Carerobics’