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Quit Your Job and Apply to Be a Baby-Goat Snuggler Instead

This could be your life.
This could be your life. Photo: Donald M. Jones/Corbis

If your job is feeling especially soul-crushing now that the winter doldrums have set in, might we offer some unsolicited professional advice: Quit, and be a baby-goat snuggler instead.

A farm in Virginia is in need of dozens of volunteers to help take care of the 90 baby goats it expects to be born in mid-February. Interested volunteers can sign up for four-hour shifts at Caromont Farms, where they’ll bottle-feed the baby goats and help keep their pens clean.

Bonus: The baby goats will also be given tiny sweaters to wear. Imagine the Instagram likes!

Quit Your Job and Snuggle Baby Goats Instead