latte art

Why, Yes, I Would Like to Drink My Own Face on a Latte


Coffee. Java. Joe. We drink it, we love it, we would simply die without it. But what would you say to the possibility of not just gulping that sweet, hot, caffeinated mud down your throat hole, but doing so with an image of your own face upon its milky surface? Would you love it just as much, if not more? Surely, the answer is yes.

A company called Ripples has developed the inevitable ouroboros of selfie-latte art with a coffee machine that syncs with your iPhone so that you may print any image — any image at all — upon the steamed milk of your most delicious lattes. Milk froth, like ego, must be thick enough to hold your image, so you’d better be an accomplished barista as well as (presumably) a lifestyle blogger with 13,000 followers. Your Instagrams are about to be divine.

Why, Yes, I’d Like to Drink My Face on a Latte