Selena Gomez: Obsessed With Holding Hands?

Selena Gomez, a woman obsessed.
Selena Gomez, a woman obsessed. Photo: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

You know Selena Gomez from popular song and screens both large and small. You know that she made Justin Bieber sad, and that he made her sad in return. You know that she wants to look good for ya, and that she succeeds in doing so. But do you know that Selena Gomez is obsessed — with holding hands?

“Selena Gomez, Samuel Krost Hold Hands on Date: Photos, Details,” demurs Us Weekly. “Selena Gomez confirms romance with fashion executive Samuel Krost as the couple hold hands after enjoying romantic dinner date,” The Daily Mail explains, longly. “Selena Gomez Finally Moves on from Justin Bieber?, Seen Holding Hands with Samuel Krost,” Latin One asks and answers. “Selena Gomez Engages in Some Casual Hand-Holding,” Cosmopolitan tells us, casually. “Selena Gomez Was Just Spotted Holding Hands With This Old Flame,” Seventeen entices. “Who Was Selena Gomez Just Spotted Holding Hands With? No, Not Bieber!” TooFab shouts.

And it’s all true. You can see it for yourself, in this photo, published on January 19, 2016.

Enough to confirm an obsession? Some might say yes. But — what’s this?

“Selena Gomez Holds Hands With New Man Samuel Krost: Pics, Details!”

An Us Weekly headline from: November 10, 2015.

And what’s this?

A photograph of Selena Gomez holding hands with Justin Bieber, published to Bieber’s Instagram account, desperately, on December 6, 2015, with the caption “Crazy throwback.”

And what’s this?

A video of Selena Gomez holding hands with Justin Bieber as they leave a Benihana restaurant from goddamn 2012.

A wealth of evidence, as you can see.

Your move, Selena Gomez.