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New York Magazine’s Sex Lives: Mallory Ortberg Answers All of Our Dating Questions

Photo: Mark Leibowitz/Masterfile/Corbis

Can I date my friend’s crush? When am I allowed to ghost? Is public masturbation ever okay?

We might all be adults here, but who’s really qualified to give a solid answer to those (and many other) sex-etiquette questions? That’s why Sex Lives called in Slate’s advice columnist, Dear Prudence — a.k.a. the Toast co-founder Mallory Ortberg. She was very patient as we asked her to validate and explain all of our petty dating problems.

Plus: The London sex-toy company Hot Octopuss converted a New York City phone booth into a public masturbation booth for men, complete with “Guy-Fi,” so every user had access to porn. (Better or worse than a urinal?) And, as always, your voice-mails. With Allison P. Davis, Maureen O’Connor, and David Wallace-Wells.

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Sex Lives: Mallory Ortberg Answers Our Questions