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4 Workout Moves That Shakira Does

Yes, Shakira does this very move.
Yes, Shakira does this very move.

As you can probably guess, looking like Shakira requires more than just sitting at home and eating cake balls all day. The singer vigilantly works out with the help of celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser of AKT in Motion (she’s also former chief content officer for Tracy Anderson), who flies to Barcelona every few weeks to train the singer with a mix of dance cardio and toning moves. While Shakira presumably does many, many moves, here are four simple ones you can try for a Shakira-style workout.

Move 1: This targets the butt. Sit down with one knee facing out and the other knee bent and wrapped back. Pulse your leg back and pretend you are tapping something behind you, almost to your opposite shoulder. You’ll want to keep your foot flexed, which helps to engage the glute while kicking, specifically the gluteus maximus and minimus. Your upper body shouldn’t be slouched — sit up straight and engage your core. Do 30 reps of these and then repeat with the other leg. Fun!

Move 2: This looks easy, but it’s a killer on the triceps (which, Kaiser notes, makes it especially good for people who complain about “bat wings”). Sit with your fingertips pointing forward and your arm straight. You’ll want to bring your arm forward so that it’s at more of a slant to the body. Bend your elbow until your forearm is flat on the floor. Do 20 reps of these and switch arms.

Move 3: Here’s how to target your lower and upper abs. Lie on the floor and raise your head, keeping your shoulder blades off the mat and your hips steady. Point each toe as you pulse your leg and upper body together to meet in a crunch. Actively engage the abs and be careful not to crunch the neck.

You’ll know you’re doing it right if you want to stop immediately after five. Sorry! Do 20 pulses and switch legs.

Move 4: Just dance. Kaiser shows here one dance cardio move Shakira does in her workouts.