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The Sleepytime Tea of Bath Oils

Photo: Kneipp

Baths aren’t just for babies and muddy dogs. Linda Rodin loves them! And Tom Ford used to take five baths a day (though he is now is down to a mere two). But for those who need further convincing, consider Kneipp’s Sweet Dreams Bath Oil, the Sleepytime Tea of bath oils.

Pour a capful of the cobalt-blue-hued oil into a hot bath and take deep breaths as you enter a progressively more catatonic state. The oil combines valerian and hops (the flavoring agent in beer), which are both natural sleep aids. It smells like an invigorating yet peaceful blend of lemon and lavender, and it colors your bathwater — but not your skin — a pleasing shade of sapphire blue.

As you stumble from the bath to your bed, you’ll find that your skin is softer. And best of all, the bath oil doesn’t leave a ring, so you can drift into peaceful slumber without having a nightmare about having to clean the tub.

Kneipp Herbal Bath Valerian & Hops Sweet Dreams Bath Oil, $20 at Amazon.

The Sleepytime Tea of Bath Oils