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Suggested Names for Emma Watson’s Feminist Book Club

Not this book.
Not this book. Photo:

Emma Watson, an actor and noted celebrity feminist, has decided that she’d like to start a feminist book club. One might reasonably argue that every time we discuss women and their interests we need not use the term feminist, but, alas, that is a conversation for the baddie Slytherins of the world. On Twitter, Watson asked her tweeps to assist her in selecting the club’s name.

Any good rock-and-roll band will tell you that you must write some songs before naming the band, but we won’t fault Emma Watson Book Club for getting a head start. In the meantime, while we all wait to hear what books will be on the list (we have some suggestions, Ms. Watson), here are some free names:

Emma Watson’s Groovy-Ass Feminist Book Club


Is That Your Feminist Book? It’s Her-MINEy Now Book Club

Former Wizards, Current Feminists Book Club

A Club (Books) (Also Feminist)

Wat, Son? No — Daughters! Book Club

Read ‘Em and Weep Books for Feminists


Like I said, all free.

Suggestions for Emma Watson’s Feminist Book Club