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Tavi Calls Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone Piece ‘Painful’

Power teen Tavi Gevinson popped up on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore last night to join a panel discussion about Sean Penn’s insane, masturbatory Rolling Stone interview with El Chapo.

Penn, as you’ll recall, arrived in a jungle clearing, “dick in hand,” for an exclusive sit-down with Mexico’s most nefarious drug kingpin. Eleven thousand words later, it seems that while Penn had plotted a course for Hunter S. Thompson–ville, he took a wrong turn into Egotistical MFA Candidate Boyfriend territory.

Gevinson, drawing on her editorial experience as the founder and EIC of Rookie, read all the words (or as many as she could get through), and her takeaway was similar to ours: “It’s painful,” she said. “A very revealing profile of Sean Penn,” one “written by someone who reads a lot of really bad screenplays.” She also noted that it was weird and off-putting that he mentioned passing gas.

Well, let’s hope Sean Penn didn’t have Rookie on his list of dream publications to write for.

Tavi Calls Sean Penn’s Journalism ‘Painful’