joey fatone is the best 'n sync member

Fall Out Boy’s Tribute to ’N Sync Makes Us Really Miss ’N Sync

We miss Chris Kirkpatrick, too, Chris Kirkpatrick.
We miss Chris Kirkpatrick, too, Chris Kirkpatrick.

For their new single, “Irresistible,” Fall Out Boy (featuring Demi Lovato) has made a little music video homage to the best ‘N Sync video ever created, “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

The video opens basically where the 2000 video left off: The ‘N Sync crew are dolls. Lovato is working the line in a factory that manufactures the dolls alongside a fellow factory worker played by Chris Kirkpatrick (hi, Chris! how meta!), but instead of a magnificent reprise of Justin, J.C., and the rest of the boys’ marionette-style dancing, it’s a bunch of Fall Out Boy bobbleheads that come to life and dance around the store to the delight of Lovato but to the extreme wistfulness of those of us who will spend the rest of the afternoon watching the original video.

Excuse me for sounding old, but if there’s anybody I identify with in this video, it’s definitely Joey Fatone — who spends most of his cameo lovingly stroking a Joey Fatone action figure, reminiscing about the boy band’s glory days that are now behind us.

This ’N Sync Spoof Makes Us Really Miss ’N Sync