Watch As Some Bros Explain How ‘Birth Control’ Is Affecting Their Bodies

Condoms? No, thank you.
Condoms? No, thank you.

Find me a woman who has not been with a man who refuses to wear a condom, and I’ll find you a woman practically writhing in bliss. While every single second before heterosexual intercourse, women plague themselves with questions like “Am I protected?” and “Am I protected enough?” men often only wonder if it’s truly fair that their penises have to be lightly sheathed. In a new sketch video for Above Average, four bros discuss the benefit of ditching this whole condom act altogether.

“Every time I have sex I have to spend 50 cents, 75 cents sometimes?” one bro notes. “God forbid the insurance is gonna cover it.” You don’t say.

“Oh, I have to use a new one EVERY time I have sex??” Anything but that.


Watch Some Bros Debate ‘Going Off Birth Control’