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Supersoft Winter Running Socks That Keep You Dry and Warm

Merino wool helps repel perspiration and lock in heat.
Merino wool helps repel perspiration and lock in heat. Photo: Bobby Doherty

The Goal: Find a winter running sock as adept at wicking sweat as blocking the chill when you’re rounding an icy Central Park reservoir. Marathoners and running-shop savants guided us away from cotton fabrics, which hold in moisture, and toward merino wool, which repels perspiration but locks in heat (its fine keratin fibers are hydrophobic on one end and hydrophilic on the other). Then we took some samples jogging.

The Verdict: Thanks to a blend of anti-microbial merino wool and supersoft rayon, Feetures Elite Merino+socks ($17 at feel like stepping inside a pillow, insulating the toes while repelling odor and sweat. They also have targeted compression for arch support and high-density cushioning to prevent blisters.

*This article appears in the January 11, 2016 issue of New York Magazine.

Supersoft Winter Running Socks