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9 Totally Legit Medical Excuses to Use When People Notice You Got Botox

I have unexplained eyebrow pain, you wouldn't understand.
I have unexplained eyebrow pain, you wouldn’t understand. Photo: Getty Images

Researchers have started to consider Botox as an alternative treatment for depression, giving you a whole new medical excuse to look younger. “Wow! You look so great!” people will say to you. “Thanks; it’s my new Botox treatment for crippling depression,” you’ll respond. “I can no longer frown, which helps.”

If you’re not suffering from an actual medical condition that can be treated by Botox — like depression or migraines — here are a few suggestions for how to trick people into thinking your injections are for medicinal purposes.

1. Cure for RBF Syndrome (Resting Bitch Face Syndrome).

2. Tennis face (Tennis elbow but in your face).

3. Always getting dust in your eye.

4. It’s helping conquer your fear of needles.

5. Eye bags impacting your ability to properly see your computer screen.

6. Indescribable facial pain, you wouldn’t understand.

7. Lips have become too thin from eating so many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

8. It’s self-care, which is feminist.

9. I, uh … oh shoot sorry I have to take this call bye!!!!

9 Legit Excuses to Get Botox