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Anna Wintour Would Like to Know If the New York Times Is a Tabloid

Well? Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

So far 2016  is shaping up to be the year of the almost surgically calibrated clapback — just take a look at Amber Rose’s Twitter timeline — and that trend apparently even extends to dry media stories. Like the New York Times’ interview with Anna Wintour for a piece yesterday about the recent changes at Condé Nast. When the reporter asked her about employee rumblings that she has a “distinctive visual style” and “can be dismissive when displeased” (have these people worked in the media before?), Wintour apparently fixed him with a stony stare and inquired whether the Times was a tabloid newspaper.

“I am decisive, you know,” she allowed. “I don’t believe in wasting anybody’s time. I like to be honest. I like to be clear. In my own personal career, I have felt almost the most difficult thing to deal with is someone who doesn’t tell you what they are thinking.”

As for whether criticisms of her are tinged with sexism, “I decided long ago that I can’t let any of that bother me. If my style is too direct for some, maybe they should toughen up a bit.”

Wintour Wants to Know If the NYT Is a Tabloid