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Let’s All Go to Australia to Get High and Watch Koalas

Hit dat joint hard, mate!
Hit dat joint hard, mate! Photo: Manuel Velasquez Figueroa/Corbis

Medical marijuana is now legal in Australia, and apparently it wasn’t much of a battle: According to a report by Vice, “The Senate was overwhelmingly in favor of the bill.”

Senators shared some experiences from the people they represent to illustrate why the bill is so important. One senator told the story of a little girl who was having upwards of 1,000 seizures a day. After her parents obtained cannabis oil illegally, the number of seizures per day went down to about six.

But let’s be real, the most exciting thing about medical marijuana being legal in Australia is the prospect of blazing and watching the kangaroos and koala bears hop around the streets of Sydney and Melbourne (because that’s totally how Australia works, trust me, I’m a citizen).

Any victory for weed is a victory for us all. Congrats, Australia!

Let’s Go to Australia to Get High & Watch Koalas