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The Best Ways to Use the New Facebook Reactions

Haha? Wow? Love?
Haha? Wow? Love? Photo: Facebook

This morning the inevitable happened: Facebook rolled out its new reaction feature. Now instead of merely “liking” a post, you can love a post. You can also sad, wow, haha, or angry a post. Obviously, it’s impossible to capture the complexity of human emotion in the mere click of a button, but hoo boy is Facebook trying. Here are the best ways to use this new feature:


Photo: Facebook

The love button is only to be used as a weapon, as a way to deliciously kill your frenemies with kindness. Your ex gets engaged? Love it. Your high-school enemy posts 200 pictures from her luxurious beach vacation? You love every single one of those bad boys. Spread the love far and wide. You can never use this feature too much.


Photo: Facebook

To be used whenever your weird aunt posts a Minions meme. Other acceptable uses: when a high-school acquaintance posts an inspirational “live, laugh, love” type meme, whenever anyone gets a job promotion.


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For posts about income inequality, David Schwimmer, cats, available rooms, and #LadiesNight. Also good for sex memes and sponsored content.


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Use this one seriously. For posts about natural disasters and diseases. When your friends announce they got fired or someone died. You don’t always have to be facetious. Own your feelings!


Photo: Facebook

Wow is strictly to be used for thirst traps and when a man posts about feminism.