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Photo Evidence Suggests Britney Spears Is Not a Bernie Bro

Madame Tussaud's Wax Figures or Real People?
Madame Tussaud’s Wax Figures or Real People? Photo: Britney Spears/Facebook

Yesterday Britney posted pictures of her and a little lady known as Hillary Rodham Clinton on her Facebook page, which, at the very least, indicates that Britney is not a #BernieBro.

CNN reports that Britney initially uploaded the photos on her Twitter and Instagram accounts with the #ImWithHer hashtag, which would indicate an official endorsement. However, Brit took down the original posts and reuploaded the pictures with the caption, ”Being in Vegas for is amazing for so many reasons … Especially when you get to meet !”

Still, Britney’s political views have evolved since her younger years. In a 2003 interview with bow-tie-wearing gremlin Tucker Carlson, Britney told him that she trusted President Bush in “every decision.”

In 2009, she crossed party lines when she tweeted@BarackObama You have swagg! :)”

Along with the picture of Hillary and Britney smiling at the camera like wax figurines, Brit also posted a wide shot of her hanging with the whole Clinton crew. We can only speculate about whether they negotiated a deal for Bill to be Brit’s new backup sax player.

Photo Suggests Britney Spears Is No Bernie Bro